1.How to make an appointment through the consultation appointment link?

If you tried to book an appointment and you did it via WhatsApp in a previous way, it should be noted that the consultation appointment system is active on the website of company. Therefore, apply again through the website to make a new appointment.


2.How much does it cost to immigrate to Canada?

These costs are different for different immigration pathways. To know the exact costs of immigration pathways, please book an appointment for a consultation session.


3.How much does the Service agreement fee cost?

To answer this question, you must participate in the consultation session so that we can tell you how much the cost of the service is. This does not mean that the cost of the service is different for each person, the costs are similar. But the services that customers may need may be different from what the customer believes. Please book an appointment for a consultation session.


4.Is it possible to immigrate to Canada without having a language certificate?

In 99% of cases, the answer is no. We don’t recommend it.


5.How long does it take for a visa application to be processed?

To answer this question please visit the following website which is published by Canada immigration



6.How long does the federal court process (judicial review) take?

The exact time cannot be predicted, but it will take at least 4 to 10 months.


7.We have succeeded to obtain a settlement offer in the federal court of Canada. Can we use your services to respond to the documents’ update request letter from IRCC?

Yes, to use our services, please use the link below to obtain a consultation appointment.


8.Another common question is that we have been applied by another group and now we have been rejected. Would you accept our case for action in the federal court?

Yes, but we will only take a case to the court that we are sure about the quality of the documents submitted and the final submission. For this reason, your application must be submitted through our services first, so that in case of another refusal again, it can be taken to the federal court by us.


9.Is it possible to get a visa through a Canadian college when the applicant has a bachelor’s or higher degree?

The answer is absolutely YES. But whether it is recommended for any person to use college admission to obtain a visa or not is a completely different matter that can be answered by conducting a counselling session.


10.How can we communicate with IRCC directly?

The best way to communicate is through your immigration representative. Otherwise, you can contact the hotline phonelimes of IRCC as follows: +1 (888) 242 2100


11.Is the start-up pathway a good one to immigrate to Canada?

Generally, yes, but you need to know that the start-up program that you intend to apply, should be completely genuine and proper to your field of study and experiences.


12 – Can I work in Canada when I have submitted an application to renew or extend my work permit, but I still have not received a decision?

Yes, you absolutely can. You can download this PDF FILE to provide it to your employer or refer to THIS LINK as the reference.


13 – Can I continue to study or work in Canada if I apply for a Refugee Claim in Canada, but my Study Permit or Work Permit is still valid and not expired?

The answer is Yes. A person with valid temporary resident status may make a refugee claim and keep their visitor record, work permit or study permit. Work and study permits remain valid until they expire or until a removal order made against the permit holder comes into force. Please click for reference.